Freedom is a pretty strange thing. Once you’ve experienced it, it remains in your heart, and no one can take it away.
— Ai Weiwei

Personal Desire

I desire a video game that has the grandeur of Civilization and the gameplay of Mount & Blade, Chivalry, or Battlefield for combat. I’d like to be able to pop into the world at any time and explore it like one would in Elder Scrolls and maybe even make a life in my personally-built world - like the Sims. 

Until such a thing a thing arrives, I guess I’ll just have to stick with writing.


Good friends stand together - ensuring that the other does not fall into the trap of an abusive boyfriend, girlfriend, or situation that would do them ill. Much like if you were on a quest and an adversary appeared, you would stand beside your friend to defeat the foe. Now say your friend is wounded in this conflict: Would you leave them die? No, you would stick together and fight this entity with all you have!

So that’s what true friendship is: An alliance,

A creed,

A party.

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What kind of paper do you write on?

What kind of paper do you write on?

The Substitute Teacher (very, VERY old short story)

*!* This was written 9 years ago when I was in grade 6. I was sure to keep it exactly as it was written (minus the blue ink that I printed and submitted it in). I had a blast reading it again, and I take it the teacher enjoyed reading it too because I received a probably-undeserved B+ for it back when. Enjoy! *!*

         I was shocked when I heard Mr. Murray say he was given a job in the Bahamas as a pro-league baseball pitcher. I think everyone was shocked too.

         ”I will miss you all dearly because you have been a very fine class this year. Mr. Murray explained in a disappointed tone. “I will hope you all will be nice to your new substitute teacher Mrs. Shell, she was the nicest sub we could find.”

        ”When will you come back?” One student asked sadly.

         In about 6 months or so. All of be good because Ihave to get rolling if I want to make it to the airport by noon.” He replied as he ran out of the room. I watched him as he went “yes!” and slid down the stairs and jumped into a large limo, which sped off into the distance.

         Then a heavy down pour started outside. Frost grew on the walls and chills went down everyone’s spines. Big forked lightning danced along the dark sky. An ear-shattering creak spread through out the room as the door slowly opened. A large boney hand grasped the door.

         A dark figure slowly made its way into the classroom. In-trimmed finger nails lurched from the boney fingers. Every step echoed through the room. I swear she was from someone’s nightmare.

         ”Good morning class, I am Mrs. Shell” She said in a squeaky voice as she shifted a large hat on her head.

        ”Ha, did you get that hat from Dork Ville or something!?!” Dayne laughed hysterically.

         "Silence!" Mrs. Shell bellowed throughout the room causing it to shake. "Go to detention!"

         Dayne left the room dragging his feet behind him.

        ”Now let’s see you are all supposed to be doing math but how about you all sit in your chairs like good little students for an hour!” She said in a menacingly nice voice followed by a wicked “mwahahahaha!”

         About an hour later I looked around slowly so Mrs. Shell wouldn’t notice. 5 other people had been sent to detention. They would scratch or twitch and she would bellow out “detention!”

         ”Good enough. You all can go home now.” She said with a sad sigh.

        ”But it’s only 10:00!” Logan whimpered.

         ”Detention!” Mrs. Shell said like all the other times and everyone quickly left the room. “No running in the halls!”

***Murray Vision***

         ”Ah, it is great to be out of that school finally.” Mr. Murray as he sat in a jumb hot tub next to his $4 billion mansion. “Let’s see how the kids are doing back at school.’          He pulled out a laptop and fiddled around with some stuff. He logged onto the internet and go a “you got mail.” He checked his mail and sent an email to Mrs. Shell.

         ”Hm, ‘I am the,’ I wonder why she chose that.”

         Mrs. Shell appeared on the laptop.

         ”Hello Mr. Murray.” She said in a cheery “innocent” voice. “Everyone is being very good for me. They are a very good class.”

         ”That is wonderful. I am very, *cough*, busy right now training all those pitchers. Tell them to keep it up and that Imiss them a lot.” Mr. Murray said in a fake sad voice.

        “I shall”


         When the bell finally went off in the morning for school I headed into the hall. The paint of the walls was peeling off. Many floor tiles were missing. The ceiling was collapsing and creating a fine mist everywhere.

         ”Believe some vandalizors came in last night.” Mrs. Shell said wihle eyeing each of us with a small wicked smile on her face.

        When I got into the class I noticed that the students who were sent to detention yesterday weren’t at school today. I wondered and wondered as 3 more kids were sent to detention. Something strange ws going on.

        Mrs. Shell had done many odd things during time at school. Like her odd comments like “finally the school is mine to command” or “no one shall survive!” Also her evil laughs she lets out occasionally. And one time her large hat fell off and she hat tiny horns on her head. No one ever dared to quetion her after 4 more students were sent to detention for questioning too much.

***Murray Vision***

         Mr. Murray decided he would work on his tan and swim a bit at the beach since he was all the way in the Bahamas. He swam deep into the ocean and then came back to tan. He flipped up his laptop to see how everyone was doing, but he got no connection. He didn’t really care right now, so he just laid back and shut his eyes…


        Things had gone horribly wrong. Almost everyone in the class had been sent to detention. Mr.s Shell locked everyone in school. There were strange looking plants growing on the walls and large vines hanging from the ceiling. All lights had been destroyed but we could still see because of mysterious glowing patches where ever the tiles were missing.

        I was super scared. Mrs. Shell eyed each of us carfully. I placed my pencil on my desk carefully but it roled off. It was almost like slow motion, everyone was silent, watching the pencil fall slowly towards the ground. It landed making a big thud.

        “Detention, all of you!” Mrs. Shell yelled furiously


        I entered the detention room just to fall into a large hole. I closed my eyes as Ifell afraid of what would happen when I reached the bottom. But when I finally hit ground I didn’t go squish, instead I just stopped above a set of rocks I stood up and looked around. Zombes walked around moaning. I turned around o see a zombie dressed in a tuxedo who stood behind a desk made of bones.

        “Greetings lad” The zombie greeted cheerfully

        “Am I in the, you know underworld?” I stuttered

        “Nope, we didn’t have enough money to dig all the way down there so we dug about half way.”The zombie replied in a dull voice.

        Only a true miracle could save us.

***Murray Vision***

        Is he still alive? Someone asked. “He’s been sleeping there for 3 days!”

         Mr. Murray awoke to a major head ache and looked around. Almost everyone on the beach was around him. He put his hand on his chest. He suddenly felt like someone was roasting marshmallows on a bonfire over top of him! He let out a scream that could be heard on the moon. He decided he would come home to recover.


        Mr. Murray got out of a taxi and walked up to the school. Yep good old school he though… or until he entered. He looked around horrified. A flame appeared in front of him causing him to jump back. He ran and jumped over the flame and dodged many others. He ducked under a pole which fell off of the roof nearly hitting him.

        Suddenly the walls around him smashed down and zillions of zombies leaked out of the cracks. They slid down from the vines like super-agents and surrounded him. He thoughts fast and grabbed a plaque off the wall and smashed it against the back of a zombies head, sending it way down the hall.

        The plaque was broken so he quickly grabbed the pole that fell off the ceiling. He swung it at a group of zombies, making the fly through a window. Shards of glass flew everywhere as he swung at another group, but they just kept coming! He smashed one end of the pole into the ground and mounted his hands on one end. He span around kicking all the zombies, making them fly into the walls. Then he jumped up into the air, rolling inito a cart-wheel and landing perfectly.

         He ran up the stairs but a large flame appeared in front of him. He jumped up against the wall and bounced off of it He grabbed a vine and swung up above the flame to the top off the stairs. He dashed into the class room to see Mrs. Shell laying there motion less with a pile of desks on her.

        “Are you alright, did the kids do this?” He asked nervously even though he knew the answer was no.

        “Ha you fool, It was I who done this to your pathetic school. It was I who turned the students to slaves. It was I who made all those zombies. And it will be I who shall take your soul!” She boomed out of the darkness.

        She grew and grew. Large horns busted from her skull. She grew sharp dagger like claws and a spiky tail. Her skin turnd redder than ketchup. He eyes were all a deep yellow that you could see a mile away. She had several rows of sharp teeth traveling to the back of her mouth. She was the devil!

        “I shall kill you now!” She screamed, her voice echoing through the entire school.

       ”Never shall you.” Mr. Murray said and put his hand out provoking her. “Bring it on!”

        He jumped up into the air and done a drop-roll kick in mid air hitting the devil’s face. She stumbled backwards and came back striking with her mighty hands. Mr. Murray done a back flip out of the way just missing her as the hand crushed the desk, leaving a hole in the floor. Mr. Murray picked up a desk and slammed it into the devil, but it didn’t even leave a scratch.

         The devil let out a sinister roar that knocked off Mr. Murray’s NIKE hat. He went to grab the hat when a large sword appeared in it. The sword had rubies embedded into it and shots of electricity flowed through the blade. He held it and he felt stronger. A mystic voice in his head told him “Use it wisely.”

        The devil drew out a sword also. Her sword had flames flowing out of the blade. Mr. Murray went to strike but the devil swung her mighty blade to block it. They struck again and again, dodging and jumping. Sparks flew everywhere. The devil lifted it’s sword above it’s head swinging it hard but missing Mr. Murray making a nice cut in the floor.

        The devil dropped her sword and let out a huge roar breathing flames out of her jaw. Her body turned into a giant inferno and rampaged around the room. She leaped onto the wall and crawled to ceiling. She held out her hand and created a large fire ball on it and threw it at Mr. Murray. He just missed it by ducking, letting the ball of fire smash into the wall igniting it. The devil released its full fury by chucking flame after flame at Mr. Murray.

        After many sets of acrobatic moves almost the entire room was engulfed in flames. The devil dropped off the ceiling with a thud and walked slowly towards Mr. Murray shaking the whole room. Both her hands lit on fire and started to make a fire ball about the size of herself. She dropped it at the foot of Mr. Murray causing a devastating blow which sent Mr. Murray full speed into the wall. The foundation of the building started to slowly give away. Mr. Murray could barely open his eyes; he could see the devil slowly make her way towards him.

        “Ha, I laugh at the thought you could think you would be able to defeat me.” She said as she placed her hands on chest.

        He felt his strength start to leave him. His hands started turn pale. Then she just let go.

        “My hands, they are bruning!” She cried as her hands started to burn up.

        Yes, it is true when the devil touched Mr. Murray’s chest, she also touched his sunburn. His sun burn was so hot that it could even penetrate the devil’s skin!

        “No I’m the devil; I’m not supposed to lose. Noooooo!” She cried for her life as she shriveled up.

        The entire building started to shake and the ceiling started to collapse. Mr Murrayran fast out of the room. All the students just appeared instantly. They quickly made a plan to crawl up the vines and crawl through the cracks made from the collapsing ceiling. We all ran across the roof. The roof behind us was collapsing so we all went into sprint. Suddenly the roof in front of us started to give away so we forced to go off the edge of the school. We all jumped off the school and ran to the field. We looked behind to see the school swallow itself up. We ran ever faster just as we saw a gigantic blue mushroom cloud.

        “Duck!” Mr. Murray called out.

        We were knocked heavily to the ground. The school turned into a large black hole which startd to suck everything around it in. We all grabbed onto something for are lives so we wouldn’t get sucked into the spirally vacuum of terror. Just then the torso of the devil slowly climbed through the hole. She was at least as tall as the C. N. tower now. She clawed the ground to get out. She then grabbed Mr. Murray with her gigantic hand.

        “If I go back you’re coming back with me!” She screeched.

        “Not on my watch!” I called out as I pulled out Mr. Murray’s sword he used during that sword fight seen.

        I ran and threw the sword straight at the nightmare’s wrist. It slid through its wrist and got lodged half way through. She automatically le loose of Mr. Murray and the ground.

        I’ll be back for you all some day!” she squealed in panic as she got sucked into the hole.

        “Looks like next time we have to believe the substitute when they say they are the devil.” Mr. Murray sighed as the swirly vacuum of terror closed up. “I believe we all deserve ice cream for that!”

        So we all walked off into the distance remembering it all as if it were just a bad dream. We never did see the devil again and the school board rewarded us a kind check of $8 billion for ridding the world of Mrs. Shell. And in the end Mr. Murray’s medical attention needed sun burn is going to turn into a super tan in about 5 years as long as he uses enough sun screen!

Life’s Synthesis

When I was young, I dreamt of becoming an astronaut. I would explore the openness of space and learn all there was to know about every star, moon, and orbit.
When I finished highschool, I decided that I would be in the land forces of the military. My profession would be logisics; I would rely on the same knowledge that I learned years in the past to continue my daily tasks.
These days, I want to be in the middle of the two. I would like to adventure but have a place to call home, I would like to learn but never forget the knowledge that makes me who I am, and I would like to take to the skies but never lose sight of the beautiful Earth that has treated us so well.

Relationship Whiplash

Can’t breathe…

This is what you wanted; you’re getting the energy back.

But it doesn’t feel right…

Of course not: It’s been tainted.

Than why am I taking it? I don’t want it…

You asked for it.

I don’t want it! Those years are passed; that self is spent…

Very well.

I am who I am. Whatever I was before is gone. I will persevere and shine!


A feminism comic I did for my uni’s newspaper. I wish I had a bit more time to work on it, but I’m pleased with how it came out considering the tight deadline!

On my road to publishing, I considered exploiting my love of feminism to garner interest in me. Not cool. Seriously, not cool.

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